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At VanCort Consulting, we believe with the right training anyone can become a superior communicator. We offer customized talks, seminars, and individual communication training for the workplace, optimizing personal and organizational success.

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A different kind of agency for today’s changing world.

VCC is a boutique communication firm. We know each client, and each organization, requires a different approach to succeed. That’s why we customize each engagement for the specific needs of each unique client. Whether you're an individual looking for a job, a corporation needing diversity training that actually works, or an academic institution seeking public speaking, persuasive communication, or executive coaching, we’ve got you covered.

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Eliza VanCort delivers her TEDx

[VCC’s] reception has been universally positive and, in many cases, transformative . Eliza brings both an art and a science to improving the ability of individuals and groups to communicate clearly and productively across all sorts of personal and institutional barriers.
— John Siliciano, Deputy Provost, Cornell University

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