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Superior communication skills form the bedrock of professional success, and with the right training anyone can become a compelling communicator.

Eliza in action. (2 min/23 sec)

A different kind of agency for today’s changing world

At VCC your success is our business. We transform the trajectory of individual careers, and strengthen organizations, through innovative, highly customized communication training. Our workshops, seminars, talks, and individual communication training combine the latest research with powerful hands on instruction. We’ll create a tailer-made plan for your success.

Eliza delivers her TEDx.

“Eliza’s VanCort’s reception has been universally positive and, in many cases, transformative. Eliza brings both an art and a science to improving the ability of individuals and groups to communicate clearly and productively across all sorts of personal and institutional barriers.”

- John Siliciano, Deputy Provost, Cornell University

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Eliza connecting with young women after Girl Up keynote address

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