Speak so people will listen

Welcome to our communication firm, VanCort Consulting (VCC). Our clients are thought leaders in business, innovative professionals, and subject matter experts in academia. They work with us in order to propel their careers, and organizations, forward by optimizing critical presentation and communication skills. We’re proud of the work we do and look forward to customizing our services to optimize your ongoing success.

  • lead with confidence
  • effectively pitch powerful clients
  • nail your important keynote speech
  • mindfully mentor diverse demographics
  • collaborate with colleagues easily
  • successfully navigate US culture
  • persuasively talk to press  
  • land your dream job

Don't let your delivery diminish your message. Invest in yourself, and invest in your organization. Present and communicate like a pro.

Speak up powerfully and effectively. Stand out and succeed.

"[VCC's] reception has been universally positive and, in many cases, transformative. Eliza brings both an art and a science to improving the ability of individuals and groups to communicate clearly and productively across all sorts of personal and institutional barriers."
John Siliciano
Deputy Provost
Cornell University

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