Interpersonal connections, stemming from well honed communication skills, are a vital key to unlocking career success. Learn authentic story telling skills, concrete active listening strategies, and specific body language and vocal techniques. Consistently connect, engage, and persuade your listeners.


Job Interviews

VanCort Consulting: job interview coaching and seminars

Studies have shown that before people even begin speaking, the hiring committee has already come close to making their decision. Learn interview techniques that help ensure the hiring committee is rooting for you before the interview officially begins. If you’re having trouble getting in the door, I work hand in hand with a trusted business resume consultant. We’ll collaborate to help you get that big interview, communicate with confidence, and land the job.

College Interviews

College interviews, whether on the phone or in person, can be the most important moments of your child's life, yet many high school students try to tackle them having little to no interview experience. I coach teens to interview with confidence. We'll approach your child's interview as a unified marketing plan. They will learn to stay in line with their college essay, highlighting desirable qualities valued by top universities. In today’s economy, there’s no room for error. You’ve invested time and money to help your child get into college, and interviews often determine their admission to top colleges. Position your son or daughter for the success you've worked so hard to help them achieve. 

Effective Leadership

Is your communication style making it more challenging for you to implement your innovative ideas? Do people say you appear aggressive or dismissive? On the other hand, do you strive to be a powerful leader, but your subordinates sometimes don’t respect you or listen to your directives? Overbearing or submissive body language and vocal patterns often make the difference between your staff going that extra mile for you, versus your workplace feeling like a battleground. Learn communication techniques to become an approachable, highly effective, authoritative leader who rallies the team and gets things done.

Persuade and Engage in the Workplace

Do you feel your body language or vocal patterns are thwarting you on your road to success? Many people aren’t heard because of messages  they are sending unknowingly via their communication style. Propel you career forward. Learn to project a commanding presence others will follow. 


All coaching is available via SkypeUnless indicated above, all services are offered through individual coaching, small seminars and speaking engagements. Regardless of how I'm working, people walk away with specific skills tailored just for them. 

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