Never fear talking to the press again. Instead, use the media as an opportunity to showcase your ideas, your product, your company, and most importantly, you.
VanCort Consulting: executive/athlete/politician media coaching


Unlike speaking to a huge lecture hall, TV isn’t forgiving. If you don't know your way around the camera, every flaw in your presentation will be exaggerated. Learn how to optimize your angles, modulate your movements depending on how wide or narrow the shot is, and communicate in two dimensions confidently and successfully.


You should never leave an interview hoping what you say will not be taken out of context. Whether it be a short statement to the press or a sit-down interview, tailor your message so it makes an impact and engages readers.


In the era of podcasts, there is no longer room for error in radio interviews. What you say will live in perpetuity throughout cyberspace. Learn how to stay in control of your message and keep it interesting no matter how long or short your interview.

Hostile Interviews

Don’t be caught off guard. Learn to keep your cool and stay on message, regardless of how hostile or aggressive the person holding the microphone.

Interview Skills For Athletes 

Athletes face unique challenges. You're expected to be poised, eloquent leaders despite the fact that your strengths may not lie in public speaking. Success for an elite athlete doesn’t just come down to success on the field, it often comes down to how well athletes market themselves. Simple talking points will be tailored for your needs so you can talk to the press with as much confidence as you have on the field.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

The challenge of MOOCs is that unlike the classroom, MOOC audiences can simply walk away from the computer if their attention wanes. Audiences will vote with their feet. MOOCs can be intimidating, but when done correctly can propel you to the national stage. Together, we will work to make the camera your friend and help you connect effectively with your audience through cyberspace.


All coaching is available via SkypeUnless indicated above, all services are offered through individual coaching, small seminars and speaking engagements. Regardless of how I'm working, people walk away with specific skills tailored just for them. 

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