At VanCort Consulting, we work hard to make a difference and understand the power of excellent communication training.
We offer free or reduced rates* to specific non-profits organizations.

Volunteering with high school students.

Volunteering with high school students.

  • First-generation college students

  • At-risk high school students

  • Displaced homemakers

  • Domestic abuse survivors

  • People of color

  • DREAMers

  • Veterans

Let’s work together to help as many people as possible find success, regardless of the barriers they may face. No individual requests please. Please contact us with any questions..  

“Her passion, dedication and enjoyment in working with young people, is obvious. Eliza strives to be a part of making a difference through her work, especially for those who may be challenging but need it the most.”

Meggie New-Shober, High School Teacher/Program Coordinator, AVID

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