My Philosophy

Rachel Philipson Photography

Rachel Philipson Photography

I believe the skills you need to succeed shouldn't be taught with one-size-fits-all strategies. You’re an individual with strengths and weaknesses. I enjoy public speaking engagements as much as I enjoy private coaching. However, I am quite wary of cookie-cutter presentations which offer generic professional communications skills.

Often we look at people who are successful and try to emulate what they do. If you do this, you will lose. No one will “do” them as well as they can. On the other hand, no one can "do" you as well as you can. If you’re playing on your own field, you’ll win. The key to effectively propelling your career forward is to identify your specific strengths and capitalize on them. My pedagogical approach eschews sitting in a huge lecture hall learning public speaking gimmickry. My specific, comprehensive approach to your professional success will help you stand out in todays tough marketplace and succeed.

My approach is comprehensive, specific, and fully individualized. During our first session we’ll discuss your learning style and your goals. After this, we’ll get to work. You may simply want to polish your skills with a single session or you may choose to work on an ongoing basis in order to systematically alter the way in which you communicate. Whether your goal is to nail a college or job interview, speak cogently to the press, or lecture to a large audience, I will help you polish away your weaknesses and harness your unique strengths. You will acquire tools you need and learn to present yourself in the best possible light.

Some strategies may help the person sitting next to you in a lecture hall become an effective communicator. When implemented incorrectly, these same strategies, if not presented contextually, could be highly counterproductive for you. Regardless of audience size, people usually leave professional presentation skills seminars and speeches with a new set of tools. However, people often don't gain the knowledge necessary to make these tools successfully work for each individual. This is a critical component of professional communication skills training. It's one I integrate into everything I do and the bedrock of my pedagogical approach.

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