Public Speaking

Engage your listeners by developing a presentation style that fits your unique personality. Learn concrete tools which allow you to authentically  connect, inspire, and persuade your audience.
VanCort Consulting: academic lecturing coaching and seminars

Academic Lecturing

Keeping the attention of today’s college students can be challenging. Educate yourself and acquire tools employed by great communicators; skills which inspire current students to love your subject as much as you do.

Corporate Pitches

Become an effective salesperson who inspires people to sit up and listen. It can be difficult to persuade clients when you’re sitting in a boardroom with your laptop giving a PowerPoint presentation. My techniques will teach you to conquer anxiety and project confidence, strength and excitement about your project.

Keynote Speeches

No matter how much you believe in the book you’re promoting or your latest computer software, people won’t invest in your idea or product unless they invest in you. Make it personal. Learn to connect with your audience and keep their attention, no matter what the subject matter.

Political Orating

Being powerful yet likable, knowledgable yet approachable, isn’t easy. I individualize my oration coaching rather than try to fit you into a banal version of what a political speech should look like. You’re passionate about what you believe in. You need oration skills that will harness that passion, leaving your audience moved and devoted to you and your platform.

All coaching is available via SkypeUnless indicated above, all services are offered through individual coaching, small seminars and public speaking engagements. Regardless of how I'm working, people walk away with specific skills tailored just for them. 

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