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Public Speaking

Eliza is a wonderful coach. She is dynamic, resourceful and empathetic. She identifies problems quickly and focuses on one thing that can be fixed right away. She observes you carefully and tries to understand who you are as a person. When you are working with her, you do not feel that she is trying to change you. You truly feel like she is simply trying to bring out the best of you, and yet you are transformed completely in the process.

Hirokazu Miyazaki
Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies

Eliza is a fantastic teacher. She individualizes for each student, delivering clear, direct feedback with humor and compassion. I do a lot of public speaking, including testifying on immigration law before Congress as an expert witness. I can now walk into a high pressure public speaking situation, with all eyes on me, and effectively deliver my message with clarity and confidence.

Stephen Yale-Loehr
Immigration Attorney
Author, Green Card Stories

Eliza was a stellar instructor for our Public Speaking Communications workshop, and was able to connect with and challenge our STEM postdocs straight into working on their presentation skills. She displays clear expertise in the field and is a highly engaging facilitator… the workshop led by Eliza was among the highest rated of our skills training and networking initiatives; with 100% of attendees ranking her as an excellent speaker and multiple requests for working with her further.

Sahar Kazemini
Program Coordinator

Leadership & Workplace Communication

I frequently refer VCC to departments, centers and individual faculty facing a variety of communication challenges. Eliza's reception as an individual coach, seminar leader and speaker has been universally positive and, in many cases, transformative. She brings both an art and a science to improving the ability of individuals and groups to communicate clearly and productively across all sorts of personal and institutional barriers.

She teaches with a level of precision, clarity and effectiveness that I have not previously seen. She is a tremendous resource for the university.

John Siliciano
Deputy Provost
Cornell University

Public Speaking, Interview Coaching, Mentoring Skills

My first experience with Eliza was as a conference participant at a women’s STEM Conference at Cornell University. Eliza gave an excellent session on presentation and communication skills. The session was engaging, powerful, and inspiring. Her dynamic presentation style is confident and effective without being intimidating…

I was so impressed that I invited her to MIT.

Since then, Eliza has presented to three different groups at MIT. Eliza's sessions were vibrant, hands-on, and insightful… She possessed the unique ability to tailor her sessions to the different audiences while still offering timely and effective communication skills and strategies. We have received excellent feedback from our participants.

I highly recommend Eliza VanCort. You will not be disappointed.

DiOnetta Jones Crayton
Associate Dean and Director
Deolinda Branch
Assistant Dean
Lilen Uchima
Assistant Dean
Office of Minority Education, MIT

I first learned about Eliza because she worked with my student to prepare for a highly competitive job market. The student was the first choice pick at every place she interviewed, and the skills she developed with Eliza allowed her to negotiate a better starting salary and package.

I was so impressed that I invited Eliza to University of Texas for a week, where she worked with students, faculty, and administrators in varied settings from one-on-one coaching and small specialized groups to large lectures.

She uniformly received extremely positive reviews. She left people inspired, motivated, and excited about ideas for change.

She coached students about public speaking and interviewing. She touched on topics about gender, race and ethnicity, and LGBTQ issues with clarity and compassion. Students felt empowered.

She coached faculty on mentoring diverse students.

Afterward, several of my especially critical colleagues who had participated in her mentoring session thanked me for arranging for her talk because they considered it so valuable. The administrators similarly were positive.

Eliza is so effective because she is genuine. She is honest in a productive and exacting way.

She is an astute observer, picking up on small nuances about presentation of self that shape interpersonal dynamics. She is exceptionally articulate and communicates her observations so that they can be heard. She makes super useful suggestions about changes to make you more effective. She accomplishes so much by first building trust and rapport—people let down their defenses because they trust that her intentions are genuine and constructive.

She is masterful and provides coaching that can transform lives.

As a side note, I recently referred a young professional woman mentee to work with Eliza. The CEO of the young woman’s company had suggested that she get a speaking coach. She has been working with Eliza and loves her.

I guess that she’s improved—the CEO recently asked for Eliza’s contact information so that he could make other referrals to Eliza!

Chandra Muller
Alma Cowden Madden Centennial Professor of Liberal Arts
Department of Sociology
University of Texas at Austin

Eliza is highly emotionally intelligent, which resulted in successful and high impact mentoring talk and public speaking/Interview skills workshops.

Eliza's passion and sense of commitment to the process were evident from the first interaction we had with her and continued all through her workshops.

Watching Eliza work with our STEM fellows was impressive! Eliza's energy level is absolutely contagious and it was evident by the fellows' increased engagement.

In a two-day span, the impact was noticeable, and the enhanced sense of community among our fellows was definitely the cherry on top.

Tammy Cohn
Program Manager, University of Maryland
National Institute of Science and Technology Cooperative
COMBINE NRT Fellowship Program

Public Speaking, Speech Writing

Eliza is an exceptional coach. She helped me hone the language of a critical keynote speech I was presenting to fellow CEOs and to present it compellingly and authentically. She never tries to fit you into a mold but instead capitalizes on your unique strengths and simply augments them. She's a pro. I can't recommend her enough.

Joe De Sena
Spartan Race

Eliza dives feet first into her projects and delivers compelling, powerful work. Our trainees find it thrilling and fascinating to work with her. Eliza pairs her keen understanding of people and social trends in general with her ability to astutely assess an individual's personal strengths and style very quickly… Eliza vastly improves her trainees' public speaking skills within minutes, customize complex issues and personal stories into eloquent and succinct speeches that are true to the voice of the speaker(s). Despite time-limited rehearsals, [our] Fellows' performance put our VIP audience on their feet. We love working with Eliza and look forward to many more projects together.

Polly Endreny Holmberg
Training Lead
The Alliance for Science

Interview Coaching

Before I worked with Eliza I was simply unable to land a tenure track position. After only three sessions I acquired tools to quell my nerves while authentically and confidently showcasing my strengths. I interviewed with four universities after working with Eliza. I received four out of four offers. I recommend her without hesitation.

Mandy B. Esch, Ph.D.
Project Leader
National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)

Sales & Marketing

I love my job, but pitching to clients when thousands of dollars are on the line can be stressful. This work, the kind they just don't teach you in school, is invaluable. Since Skyping with Eliza, my confidence presenting my pitches has soared and our Skyping has translated to closed deals. Recently, I was awarded Top Seller Of The Second Quarter! And I love Eliza's style. I always look forward to working with her.

She's passionate, enthusiastic, fun, humorous, and always goes above and beyond. More importantly, she sees the individual and understands each professional needs specific, unique strategies to succeed.

Carly Gresh
Advertising Beauty Editor
Women's Wear Daily

Underrepresented Minority Career Advancement

Eliza was amazing. She helped articulate so many things that I had been feeling but didn't know how to express. And I really appreciated her discussion of body language, tone, etc. I found the workshop to be extremely helpful and informative about pitfalls and strategies for communicating as a woman of color. It was good to know what the research says about how we may be perceived by others ad how that affects our communication. I felt that I came away from the workshop with practical tips and strategies that will help me be a more effective communicator.

Shorna B. Allred, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Human Dimensions Research Unit, Cornell University