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How do I approach an interview if I’m right for the job but don’t have the greatest credentials?


Play to your strengths, and how they best fit with the job. There’s a reason you got this far. That said, you can’t go in there feeling like your credentials aren’t great. Go in there knowing you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t DESERVE to be there.

That said, there are several phases of on interview. My tips below should give you a bit of a leg up. This is a gross overview, and not nearly as detailed as I get in talks, seminars and one-on-one coaching, but it should help.

You have to walk in that room with complete and total confidence. The research shows that by the time you’ve hit the chair they have already subconsciously decided if they want to hire you. That means a warm entry, a strong handshake, , the way you sit in the chair… you are messaging with your physicality and your voice the entire time. Be sure it’s positive and confident.

Find something light you really find interesting, and talk about it. Don’t just sit down and wait for questions. Is there a nice painting in the hall? Is there a blizzard outside. My clients often ask me, “What happens if we do small talk the entire time and never get to the interview.” Well, you win!

Think of 5 talking points that make you unique, then play in your sandbox. Answer every question, but be sure to bridge to those points whenever you can. Also, make sure to say how you FEEL about things, don’t just provide a dry answer. People make decisions on their feelings, as much as we want to think we are fully logic based. If you can make them feel, you have a much better chance.

Exit like you NAILED IT, even if you didn’t. I call this the Interview Jedi Mind Trick, and it works! Tell them you sucked, they will believe you. Tell them you rocked it, they will believe you. GOOD LUCK!