Forward Thinking Communication Training

We offer customized talks, seminars, & individual instruction.

Experience our innovative approach to:

Giving a talk on "Women and Persuasive Public Speaking"

Giving a talk on "Women and Persuasive Public Speaking"

  • Leadership

  • Public Speaking

  • Job Interview Skills

  • Cross-Culture Navigation

  • Mentoring Diverse Populations

  • Professional Intercommunication

  • Civil & Criminal Trial Witness Prep

  • Political Messaging & Speaking

  • Women In the Workplace

  • Written Correspondence

  • Workplace Diversity

  • Public Relations

Contact us to learn more about any one of these services. 

All services result in:

  • superior day-to-day professional communication

  • enhanced collaboration and team building

  • effective management of workplace differences (race, gender, etc.)

  • superior leadership skills

Communication Success = Professional Success

I do a lot of public speaking, including testifying on immigration law before Congress as an expert witness. I can now walk into a high pressure public speaking situation, with all eyes on me, and effectively deliver my message with clarity and confidence.
— Stephan Yale-Loehr, Immigration Attorney, Author of Green Card Stories

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