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At VanCort Consulting, our services are always customized for each person and each organization. We offer targeted talks, seminars, and individual communication training for the workplace, optimizing personal and organizational success.

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A different kind of agency for today’s changing world.

VCC is a boutique communication firm. We don’t treat clients as if they come from the same place, have lived the same experiences, or work in the same organization. At VCC, we know each client, and each organization, requires a different approach to succeed. We offer targeted, innnovative approaches which cater to the specific needs of each unique client. Whether you're an individual looking for a job, a corporation needing diversity training that actually works, or an academic institution seeking public speaking or executive coaching, we’ve got you covered.

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Eliza VanCort delivers her TEDx

[VCC’s] reception has been universally positive and, in many cases, transformative . Eliza brings both an art and a science to improving the ability of individuals and groups to communicate clearly and productively across all sorts of personal and institutional barriers.
— John Siliciano, Deputy Provost, Cornell University

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