What We Do

 Giving a talk on "Women and Persuasive Public Speaking"

Giving a talk on "Women and Persuasive Public Speaking"

Customized Services for Every Engagement

We offer specific services, and achieve high impact results.

We create unique strategic approaches so your organization realizes its full potential.

Customized Engagements

At VanCort Consulting we cater specifically to your needs.

Please request a summary of any service listed below, or contact us for a private consult.

Primary Services

  • Public Speaking: Communication Foundations
  • Mentoring: Effective Leadership
  • Women in the Workspace: A New Way to Lead
  • Interview Skills: Land the Job

Supplemental Services

  • Transcontinental Communication: Navigating American Culture
  • Media Communication: Control Your Image, Convey Your Message
  • Workplace Diversity: Navigating Power, Optimizing Success
  • Communicate to Win: Connect Successfully with Voters
  • Compelling Leadership: Optimizing Human Capital

Dramatic Communication Benefits in Every Service

Regardless of the service delivered, all of our services result in:

  • Lasting improvement in day-to-day communication
  • Enhanced team building
  • More effective professional collaboration
  • Deeper understanding of body language and tone
  • Greater ability to professionally navigate differences

Optimize your success with the service that's right for you.

"I do a lot of public speaking, including testifying on immigration law before Congress as an expert witness. I can now walk into a high pressure public speaking situation, with all eyes on me, and effectively deliver my message with clarity and confidence."
Stephan Yale-Loehr
Immigration Attorney
Author, Green Card Stories